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Review By **chael L**,
**chael L**
Review By **chael L**,
**chael L**
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Absolutely love this snuff bottle!!! This retailer was a pleasure to work with! The package arrived ...

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Pendant Amulet Talisman 925 Sterling SILVER, SUN Pentacle of King Solomon's, double face.


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Material: Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Bail: Solid 925 Sterling Silver
Size medallion: 36.5mmx2mm - 1.44x0.08 "Length with deposit: 51mm - 2.01"
Weight with bail: 17g (+/- 1g)

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Pentacle of the Sun of Solomon King made by hand with solid 925 silver with double face. 

"The only one in 925 Silver with 2 faces!!"

It is a magical pentacle that is used to obtain lucidity and inspiration, is ideal for all those who are dissatisfied with their life and look for a new direction.

* The first face is the Sixth pentacle of the Sun, serves excellently for the operations of invisibility in the eyes of other people when done correctly.

* The second face is the Fourth pentacle of the Sun, which serves to see the invisible spirits when they appear before the invoker so as to find out why, it will immediately appear visible.

★★ Chain not included, only medallion, sent what is shown in the picture ★★

Maintenance recommendations:
★ You can use a clean and dry flannel, also immersing for 10 minutes in hot water with liquid soap or baking soda, and if necessary to carve with a soft brush to remove the dirt, finally dry the piece with a dry cloth carefully and ready , The brightness returns immediately.
★ It is normal for the silver to darken, because it reacts to substances that may be in the environment, although it is also due to the PH of each person.
★ If you store your jewelry for a long time, they may darken, if they are .925 silver, you can clean it as described above and they will come back as new.

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