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Review By **chael L**,
**chael L**
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Absolutely love this snuff bottle!!! This retailer was a pleasure to work with! The package arrived ...

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  • Ancient Chinese Jadeite Jade bangle black and green, 19th QING Dynasty hand carved with Dragon, Rulli and fish,
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Antique Chinese Old Collectable Handwork Carved of bodhisattva Buddha Kwan-Yin or Guan Yin Ornament Statue Figure.


Primary material: wood
Size (inch): 18.11x 8.66 inches
Age: S XIX
Region Of Origin: China

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The name is a contraction Guan Yin Guan Shì Yīn (觀世音, pinyin: guān shì yīn , Wade-Giles : kuan yin shi ) meaning " one who hears the cries of the world" .

Guanyin rescues those who come to it in times of trouble , especially given the dangers caused by water , fire or weapons. The Bodhisattva understands the feelings of fear and responds to requests for assistance with your compassion. As Mother of Mercy , hear the petitions of those who wish to have children . Also the Mahakaruna ( The Great Compassion ) , Movement has released the " 108 Glories of Guanyin " , promulgated by SG Devadip Baghwan Singh as an effective transformational prayer.

In the West there are many who associate the figure of Guanyin with mothers and mother figures protective goddesses of other religions , such as the Virgin Mary in Catholicism , Isis in ancient Egypt , Tārā in Tibetan Buddhism and Shakti , Parvati , Sita and Radha in Hinduism .


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