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Review By **chael L**,
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Tetera china Yising con patrón de pajaros y flores 131gr



Little Chinese teapot Yising with Bird and flowers pattern 130g

Height: 2,5 inches
Width: 3,14 inches
Length: 4,72 inches
Weight: 130 g

*Stand not included

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YiXing of China is a village located in the province of Jiangsu. This village is famous and names teapots, because here are the only deposits of clay to build this type of accessories for the preparation of tea, "ZiSha". This material porous nature absorbs and preserves the taste, aroma and smell of tea. This means that as most used, most beautiful and make good tea.

FEATURES Yixing teapots
The "ZiSha" of YiXing keeps the temperature more than porcelain, glass and cast iron. They can withstand extremely high temperatures, but not put them directly on the fire. Not conduct heat well, which favors comfort as you do not burn your hands when holding the handle.
- Enhance the aroma and taste of teas. Accumulate the essence of tea that allows achieve maximum potential in the next infusion. This essence can be damaged using techniques well as bad; using the dishwasher, use soap for cleaning, dishwasher, fats (such as milt) ...
- Originally, the production is handmade. Created in countless shapes and decorated with calligraphy or graphics.
- Stamps author- Each teapot has the signature of the artist or artisan at the base of the kettle at the base of the handle or under the lid.
These teapots need a fairly easy maintenance. Washing the tea infusion once made, remove all leaves inside and pull hot water to clean the inside. Let dry the teapot. Once dry, cover and store it for next use.

The first time we used the kettle recommend performing a longer infusion than usual (put tea leaves into the teapot and throw water at 95 ° C. Leave to infuse a long period of time (more than 1 hour). Then proceed as explained in the previous paragraph.

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