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Antique Chinese Hetian Jade GE Dagger-Axe, Chinese ceremonial Weapon Dynasty Zhou (1122 bC-249 bC)

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Ancient Chinese Hetian Nephrite Jade Dagger-Axe very unusual, ceremonial GE weapon Nephrite Jade or Jade Ge of the Dynasty Zhou (1122 bC - 249 bC) to Han Dynasty (206 bC-220 aD) Material: Neprite Jade, probably variety Nephrite Hetian Jade Measures: 197x85x9mm - 7.75x3.34x0.35" Shape: Dagger-Axe, GE Weapon Weight: 105 g Provenance: Former collector England, has only been able to inform me that he acquired it a while ago in an auction along with some other antique chinese artifact. Condition: Good, except for small chips and wear at one end, calcification in the same area and at the base. Antiquity: according to my conclusions between 3000 and 2000 years between the Zhou (1122 BC - 249 BC) to Han dynasties (206 BC - 220 AD). You must get yours. ★Very rare piece and partly complex to catalog, what we are concerned. Made in Jade Nephrite gray-greenish color with good translucency and brightness. After a personal study, we have appreciated that: Regarding its state of preservation is quite good and retains good polish, brightness and translucency. We must indicate that it has some small damage in the longer dagger, since that end and the base have suffered an alteration by natural calcification, well delimited, losing consistency due to a long burial of hundreds or thousands of years (still retains some land), which leads us to conclude, by the material, design and calcification that this artifact has been unearthed from some Tomb belonging to some important character of the time and that the uncalcified area has probably been protected under the body or other artifact in the tomb. Its design, in terms of form, consists of an axis decorated with a style pattern of "Taotie" motifs, mainly typical in the Shang (1766-1122 BC) and Zhou (1122 BC - 249 BC) dy with great detail and symmetry made on both sides, at the base of the shaft is decorated with intertwined parchment patterns and oblique, although not very detailed, patterns in Zhou and Han designs. At the bottom of the base, it has of a hole that crosses the piece and where, in my opinion, marks of old tools of perforation are appreciated. The axis is flanked by two curved daggers, the smallest form 2 half moons at the bottom, this unusual design profile I have been able to appreciate it in an exhibition held at the Macau Museum about Chinese weapons issued during the Pre-Qin periods and Han in the Central Plains of China entitled "History of Steel in East Asia" in the year 2006 (http://www.arscives.com/historysteel/images1/china-display-6.jpg) ★★ Keep in mind that these conclusions are totally personal, so I invite you to take your own, if you need more photos I will be happy to send them. It is a very valuable, exclusive and very rare piece. ? Please, tell us a Phone Number to the shipping service, we need it, thanks ? In this article, the default "Standard" Shipping will be by Insured mail with UPS-FedEx. Any questions are, happy to help! The actual color may differ slightly from the one you see on your monitor screen, as it depends on the specific monitor settings. The accesories and atrezzo of pictures is not included in the price. ★ Please read our policies and ask what you want: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Vintagecollection888#policies ★★★ The Shop ★★★ https://www.vintagecollection888.etsy.com
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