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Review By **chael L**,
**chael L**
Review By **chael L**,
**chael L**
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Absolutely love this snuff bottle!!! This retailer was a pleasure to work with! The package arrived ...

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  • Ancient Chinese Celadon Nephrite Jade bangle white with light green XIX century Qing Dynasty carved Chinese coins and Ruyi
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Large and Antique Bronze Statue Sitting Buddha 279mm - 11"- BR026


Large ancient Tibetan statue of sitting Buddha Bronze

Material: Bronze
Measures approx: 27.95x20.3x11.4cm - 11x8x4.5"
Weight: 1,790 g
Age: Unknown, likely early 20th century or earlier
Region of origin: Tibet, China

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After meditating under a Bodhi tree, it is said that during his meditation, he was almost dissuaded by the forces of temptation (Mara). To stand firm in his quest, he placed his hand on the ground for the earth as witnesses in his strength and commitment. Therefore, touching ground pose is a gesture of determination.

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