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Review By **chael L**,
**chael L**
Review By **chael L**,
**chael L**
Review By **gwd**,
Absolutely love this snuff bottle!!! This retailer was a pleasure to work with! The package arrived ...

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  • Ancient Chinese Celadon Nephrite Jade bangle white with light green XIX century Qing Dynasty carved Chinese coins and Ruyi
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Jade Bangle Fei Cui 翡翠 Green hand carved

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1 Jade bracelet Grade B

Color : Green

Weight: 40g approx.

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Healing properties attributed to Jade
• Regulates kidney diseases ( its name means " urinary stones " ) .
• Fighting tiredness , fatigue , lack of energy and stress.
• relieves back pain and sciatica .
• Relaxing cramps and spasms .
• Curing colic different .
• Prevents seizure disorder which makes it ideal for people with epilepsy .
• Normalize tachycardia.
• It is good for vision.
• Protect children from disease .
• Promotes excellent pregnancy and childbirth complications.
• It is an excellent regulator of menstrual disorders.
• Helps overcome depression over the loss of loved ones.

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