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Ancient Chinese Bronze Mirror "Shan" 山, Certified bronze mirror TLV Warring States (475-221 B.C) 13.8cm - 5.43"

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Exclusive chinese antique, unique and antique Silver-plated circular chinese bronze mirror type TLV and thin profile with four "Shan" Ts (山 = mountain) raised and inclined in a field of feathers and helmets, raised tab in the center of the mirror. Diameter of the plate: 13.8 cm - 5.4" Weight: 158g Origin: Former collector England, previous purchase at auction house Bonhams, formerly a private collection of San Francisco (USA). State of conservation: Very old. Epoch Warring States (475-221 BC) to Dynasty TLV-Han (206 BCE-220 D.C) Broken in two but repaired, natural fracture due to age and material, expected in antique bronze items. Natural crystallization of malachite. Great cast iron detail. Certificate: Includes certificate of authenticity by the member of the Association of International Antiquities Dealers. The new owner of the international auction house "Bonhams" purchase invoice will be provided You can check in detail the status in the photos, if you need more photos can be sent. It is a very valuable, exclusive and very rare piece. 📞 Please, tell us a Phone Number to the shipping service, we need it, thanks 🚚 In this article, the default "Standard" Shipping will be by Insured mail. ★ This item is shipped by express courier UPS or FedEx (2 to 7 business days delivery, depending destination) and we need a contact phone number for shipping. Any questions are, happy to help! The actual color may differ slightly from the one you see on your monitor screen, as it depends on the specific monitor settings. The accesories and atrezzo of pictures is not included in the price. ★ Please read our policies and ask what you want: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Vintagecollection888#policies ★★★ The Shop ★★★ https://www.etsy.com/shop/Vintagecollection888
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